About Us

About Hezarehe Ghoghnoos Publications

Hezarehe Ghoghnoos Publications was established on 2004. since that time until present, it has published more than 600 titles in different fields. One of the goals of this institute is to support new and beginner authors in literature specially poems and stories.

It has managed to step forward into international book markets via translating books into English language as well

Fields of published books include:

– Literature (poems, novels, short stories…)

– Sociology

– Variety of other fields

Some titles of published books:

– An ordinary miracle:(A collection of Paruyr Sevak poems )

– Mahathir Mohammad(The Architect of the New Malaysia)

– Crazy Me(This story has a psychological attitude toward contemporary man.)

– Train 57(the novel that has been written on the subject of Islamic Revolution  )

– Buddhism and Sufism(category of the Comparative Erffan)

– liberal lilis(the book encompassing diverse questions, which pertain to the prevailing classic concept of “love”.)

Hall of Fame:

– Performing “Book pledge”

-Top publisher, Volume 13, 16 of the Book of the Holy Defense Year

-The book “Green Pomegranate Red Olive ” Selected Volume 5 First Step Award

-The book “Minority” Selected in Volume 25 of the Book of Iran