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liberal lilis


Written by: Dr. Seyyed Abdulhamid Ziaei
Illustrated by: –
Publisher: Hezarehe Ghoghnoos
Category: Psychology
Publish Date: 2018
۱۰۸ Pages
Dimension: 20×12
ISBN: 978-600-286-109-2

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Book About:
It is a small book encompassing diverse questions( mostly modern ones), which pertain to the prevailing classic
concept of “love”. Being a controversial issue, love is considered to be at the core of all interpretations in literature all
over the world. In this book, the author has delineated the nature of love itself ,explicating and illustrating plenty of
examples. Recoursing to the various perspectives and views including Sociology, anthropology, psychology and
philosophy. In fact, the author has broached the subject of love proposing different intrinsic and basic questions on
the nature of “love” itself. Is there any relation between the erotic love and the real love? Is terrestrial love against the
“salvation”? Does it avoid salvation? Does love exist at all? Or we only might gain a kind of ‘ situation/ condition for
love rather than love itself? This book has been published by Hezareh Ghoghnoos

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