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Life in the Arms of Death


Written by: Sorena Amiri
Illustrated by: reza monjezi
Publisher: Hezarehe Ghoghnoos
Category: Litrature
Publish Date: 2019
۱۱۰ Pages
Dimension: 19×14
ISBN: 978-600-286-238-9

در انبار موجود نمی باشد

Book About:
The silent man is a dead person. Anyone who shows no retort to affairs around him, there is no divergence whether
he is real or not. By drawing paintings on the walls of the cave, the first men hunt for to tell about their world. Now
accessibility of powerful tools like language, word, pen, media, and cyberspace should not let us hold any word in our
hearts. The contexts of this book are mostly the inside story and the writer’s point of view about the events around
him. You can name this game of playing by words whatever you wish for, but I am going to call it “In Praising of Life
and Death.” I believe that life and death are both adorable and equally gorgeous. This book is the end result of the
frequent appeals of my friends to do printing and publishing them, and this is also to gather the scattered words, and
perchance is even because of apprehensive of forgetfulness of memories. I wrote them under the nickname “Sorena
Amiri” in cyberspace, and today, I publish the collection of the articles under the same name! Mrs. Marjan Seyyedi
has done the English translation, and my professor Majid Jafari Aghdam has also helped me in editing them.
Author About:
Sorena Amiri” REZA HAJIABADI was born in Neyshabur, Iran, in 13968 . He is a journalist and writer and also the
managing director of the Hezarehe Ghoghnoos PUBLICATIONS. REZA HAJIABADI has so far published 15 books
by various publishers. The book”Life in the Arms of Death” is a collection of notes by the author,He wrote these
memoirs under the pseudonym of Sorena Amiri.

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وزن 100 g
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