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Sociology of Ashoura Distortions


Written by: Dr. Seyyed Abdulhamid Ziaei
Illustrated by: –
Publisher: Hezarehe Ghoghnoos
Category: Religeon
Publish Date: 2016
۳۳۴ Pages
Dimension: 21×14
ISBN: 978-964-8792-66-9

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Book About:
the book Sociology of Ashoura Written by Abdolhamid Ziaei In Islam, most of the religious distortions are attributed to
the Ashoura event due to its attraction to all social strata. the book considers deviations of Ashoura narrations from
its origin and fathoms their roots out sociologically. The book also introduces weak as well as credited works on the
event of Ashura where Imam Hussein and his companions were slain by Yazid ibn-Moaviyeh corps.

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