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I have M.S


Written by: Maryam peyman
Illustrated by: –
Publisher: Hezarehe Ghoghnoos
Category: Litrature
Publish Date: 2018
۲۷۲ Pages
Dimension: 21×14
ISBN: 978-600-286-217-4

در انبار موجود نمی باشد

Book About:
This book is a two year note from the life of a patient with MS. The author herself is a patient who goes a long way
toward raising awareness to the society. she is trying to correct the ill-fated image of the illness. she wants to convey
them and their families about the disease and the living conditions of experimental and medical information. These
notes have already been published in the Shargh newspaper weekly footnotes.
Author About:
Maryam Peyman was born in 1984 in Iran. She is a journalist and works in a newspaper and news agency.

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وزن 100 g
ابعاد 21 x 14 x 2 cm

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